residential solar system

P&P Energy Residential Solution

The residential solution is consist of P&P Energy microinverters ,Outshine system monitor .Based on the advanced technology and high quality ,P&P Energy will provide you the most suitable home solar solution .

 P&P Energy microinverters

Each microinverters allow each PV module to operate independently for a higher performance and energy harvest ;With the standard AC and DC connector ,simplified the system installation process and enhance the system expandability .
Now we have 2 capacity product on sale :PMI-250 and PMI-280 ,and the next generation product PMI-320 will be the first microinverter product for SUNPOWER high voltage solar panel .

 Outshine system monitor

Outshine system monitor put the intelligence to the system ,and the owners could check the system status by the LCD display ,including the system capacity ,the electricity production ,the system efficiency in real time .

 Outshine PC enhance

Based on the Outshine system monitor and network ,the owners and maintainers could check the system detailed condition on PC and Smart handheld devices ,including the historical production and system efficiency ,each module timely production and efficiency ,the owners and maintainers could judge if the module's operation well or need maintain .

 The PLC communication

Each PMI-250 microinverter have 1.5m AWG14 LAPP AC cable ,and the communication cable inside .The customers needn't prepare additional cable for the system installation and communication .Connect each other with the standard TYCO connector and build a branch ,you could